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Why Arsenal are in greater need for investment now than ever before

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

By Rob Worthington (Senior Writer)

It’s one week to the day since Arsenal returned from a 102 day break from football and it's fair to say no one could’ve predicted the course of events which have taken place over the last 7 days. Two rage-inducing losses, four hampering injuries and thousands of disappointed gooners. On top of this, we have a number of contracts expiring in a week’s time and a fair number of player’s futures have been cast into doubt following their disappointing returns to action. In brief, things are pretty bleak for gooners right now.  

Yet, in the midst of this Arsenal-related mayhem, there is a man hiding away from the chaos in his Missouri estate. A man who goes by the name of Stan Kroenke. As you’ll know, this is the man who owns our wonderful Football Club.

Kroenke holds the keys to the door which Arsenal can step through in order to return to the glory days. If this door is to be unbolted, it is clear what is needed. Money. All the American businessman needs to do is reach into his deep pockets and inject some of the millions he finds residing within them into Arsenal Football Club Ltd. It’s as simple as that.

However, if Kroenke was to do this, as many of you will already know, this would represent nothing short of a miracle. Since 2007, the year he obtained significant shareholdings within the club, Stan Kroenke has never invested a penny into Arsenal football club. Not a single dime. To say I’d be surprised to see him change his ways this Summer would be an understatement.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that some investment from the American this year would be extremely helpful. According to, this year will signify the second year in a row in which we are going to post a deficit in terms of operating costs. This year is also likely to represent our fourth consecutive season without Champions League football and it's very easy to argue that we’re in the worst position we’ve been in to compete for trophies since the turn of the century.

Nonetheless, at the centre of the darkness there is a beacon. A beacon being carried by Mikel Arteta. Although he is still inexperienced and will need time to learn the ropes of management, in Arteta we have one of the most promising young coaches in world football. He is a man who is passionate about his job and has a desire to bring Arsenal back to the top.

If I somehow got to speak to Stan Kroenke, I’d suggest to him there would be no time better time to invest into Arsenal Football Club than the present day. We have a wonderful crop of youngsters who have the world at their feet, we have a manager who can and will get the most out of them and if we bring in some real top quality players around them this squad of players could be revolutionised into something special. In addition to these factors, the fact we can spend Kroenke’s money relatively worry-free due to the fact FFP rules are going to be relaxed during this Summer transfer window means Arsenal will not receive any reprimand due to exterior investment.

Arsenal truly are at a point of making or breaking. As Mikel Arteta announced prior to the Manchester City game last week “If we stand still that gap (between us and the league’s elite clubs) will become bigger and bigger. I haven’t come here to accept that.” So, Stan Kroenke can either stand and watch our club fall further into disarray, tarnishing his name further (not that he gives the impression of someone who would care) and leave millions of Arsenal fans across the globe disappointed or he could invest into Mikel Arteta’s vision. I know I’m biased as a fan of the club, but I certainly know which option out of the two I would choose

Our squad is a mess so it’s not as if the rebuild job is going to be a cheap one. Whether it is this Summer, the next, or the one after that, Alex Lacazette and P-E Aubameyang will be leaving the club which’ll leave a massive void up top. Our midfield is completely disjointed shown by the credible argument which suggests Guendouzi and Willock are the only midfielders within the current crop who have long-term futures at the club. Meanwhile, we’re still in dire need to sign a partner for the incoming William Saliba. Our recruitment team has a huge job on their hands.

Still, their jobs will become a whole lot easier if Kroenke decides to help us out financially. On top of this, if he could propel us out of debt following some hard times, the light at the end of the tunnel with regard to escaping the Europa League could be within reach. We don’t need a squad of world beaters, we just need a squad which can help us compete again. As mentioned in the title, now, more than ever, we need that support from above to achieve such goals. A good indicator over whether that help will come our way would be an answer from our owner to the following question:  

Stan Kroenke, we care, do you?

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