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Finton’s Frolic: What does the Addition of 3 new Coaches mean for Arsenal?

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, pimps? 

Welcome one and all the the 22nd installment of the Finton’s Frolic, right opinion zone. Today, the topic of discussion will be the three new coaching additions made by Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. 

Let's get right into it my G's. Andreas Georgson is a set piece specialist from Brentford and hopefully he can turn our misfortunes from set pieces, attacking and defending wise, from shit to maybe a little less shit. Per LTArsenal, under Mikel Arteta, the gunners have conceded set piece goals in 7 different matches out of 20 managed by the former Manchester City number two. And on the flip side, from an attacking front, the reds of London are not particularly impressive in scoring from set piece opportunities either. While I don't have a stat for it because I’m lazy, I can just tell you verbatim that I’m more scared of us conceding on the break when we have a set piece chance than I am confident we will score. 

Alongside the aforementioned, Swedish, set piece specialist comes that of Carlos Cuesta, from Juventus and Miguel Molina from Atletico. The trio of coaches is indicative of a cultural shift at Arsenal, but what will it mean in the long run?

Such a young looking trio shows that Arteta is well and truly being allowed to run the club in a way which he sees fit. Football is moving towards a more progressive way of playing and young coaches seem to be the new wave, with our head coach, Arteta, leading the transition at our club. 

Now that he is going to be joined by a trio of younger, hungry and state of the art coaches, the gunners may play with a bit more of a spring in their step, injected by the youthful coaches. Molina and Cuesta in particular don’t even appear as if they are 30-years-old yet and Georgson only looks about 40 or so. 

So, in short, the new set of coaches coming in makes it seem to me as if there is a much needed cultural shift going on at the Emirates. While class and tradition are important values of our club, the most important thing is success. Appointing ambitious, young mentors like the three fellows mentioned throughout make it sound like we are moving in the right direction. 

Well anyways, that’ll do for this week's installment, was a tad more serious this week given the hell storm that I put readers through last time around with that Gunnersaurus vs Sanllehi nonsense. Also I was supposed to use this word, but it didn't fit in anywhere: Braggadocious. It means boastful, use it as you see fit.

But yeah, it’s crazy what the lack of an intoxicant whilst writing can do for you. Shoutout heroin. 

Anyways, as ever, thanks for reading and I bid thee, Toodloo…!

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