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Finton’s Frolic: The Positives Behind the Ceballos and Nketiah Already Solved Pre-match Scuffle

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, pimps?

*Ring Ring Ring*

The 24th installment of the Finton’s Frolic is set for one fall, coming in at like 5’10 or something and weighing in at 76 pounds (35KG), please welcome Daniiiiiiiii Ceeeeeeeebaaaaaaallos.

In the opposite corner, standing at a surprisingly short 5’9 and weighing in at… standard footballer weight, Eddieeeeeeee Nnnnnnnnketiaaaaaaaah.

*Ring Ring Ring*

And it’s all over. A draw, and a pacifistic one where both opponents refuse to fight. 

So, if you somehow didn’t hear about it and have been living under a rock since yesterday, Ceballos and Nketiah got into a pre-match kerfuffle prior to kick off at Craven Cottage and the media had to do what they do best with the non-newsworthy occurrence. From the footage I saw, it looked as though Ceballos put in a pretty rough and tough challenge on Nketiah and consequently the young Englishman retaliated. They then exchanged some very stereotypical footballer shoves that you know just don’t really have much force behind them if we’re being honest. 

The pair both started on the bench but Arteta introduced each of them into the game as substitutes which played down the severity of the already not so severe altercation.

To further dampen the flames, Ceballos posted a story with his “opponent” of a teammate and buried the hatchet saying all is well. Beef squashed.

While many people are rightfully saying that this squabble is completely irrelevant as it happens all the time between players at all levels (and they are right, footballers are assholes, even the crap ones like me), I would actually argue that the dispute is quite relevant, but only positively.

For too long, Arsenal have had a reputation for being a soft touch and because of the aforementioned altercation and many other happenings in and around the club, that seems to be fading away. From the manager down to the players, it seems like the gunners are finally starting to solidify their formerly feeble mentality and it will do nothing but help us in the long run. The fact that Ceballos is putting in rough challenges right before a match is indicative of how seriously he is taking pre-match warm ups and possibly even training as a whole. Mikel Arteta did say that the Spaniard was training like an animal in practice a few months ago and that gritty tackle was quite beastly. 

Furthermore, the fact that Nketiah had the bravery to stand up to a well-established footballer like Ceballos- who has won the Champions league with Real Madrid- and then gave him an aggressive shove shows the bravery of our team and moreover the youngsters especially.

In closing, the little bout wasn’t really that relevant, however some positives were shown by both players in the exchange. Should have this happened in front of cameras that would broadcast it across the globe? Of course not, but if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have this Finton’s Frolic spectacle to behold to present to whatever idiots are reading it today. The team is stiffening up on the pitch and off of it and well... You love to see it.

Well anyways, that’s all for this week's Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone my dudes, as ever thanks for reading and I’ll have another freshly baked extravaganza for y'all next week. 


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