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Finton's Frolic: Should Mikel Arteta Rest his Big Guns Against Manchester City?

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, Pimps?

It's been a while since that phrase has been said on this site. Apologies for those out there that actually waste their lives away reading these. To those intelligent many that don't, welcome along. This is the Finton's Frolic right opinion zone, today I'm going to tell you why Mikel Arteta should rest his big guns against league leaders Manchester City.

City are good. We're not. This game is pretty much meaningless.

Alrighty, well thanks a million for reading, and until next time, Toodloo...!

Kidding. But seriously, that's pretty much all the reasoning I need. The fact is, this match looks like one that we are sure to lose, and in truth, there is depressingly little for us to play for. Sure, we are just six points off of sixth which would guarantee European football, but the question begs, do we really want to play in the Europa league again?

I personally would rather have no European football whatsoever than play in the Walmart version of the Champions league again (this belief is held knowing the financial implications that would entail too). Maybe that's why we keep qualifying though, Stan Kroenke's wife does own the horrifying superstore. It wouldn't surprise me if the store that you can buy a shotgun, a pair of shoes, and a ham to roast had some sort of partnership with the competition.

But I digress. Pep Guardiola's side is without a shadow of a doubt the best team in England at the moment, and many may argue that they could be one of the best in Europe too. This season they have scored the second most goals and have conceded just 15 in 24 matches. That is fucking ridiculous. Maybe I sound pessimistic, but I really doubt we'll have any luck in getting anything out of Sunday's match.

Arsenal struggle to break down teams that are good at defending, even with the best players on the pitch. Therefore, in my opinion, there is absolutely no reason for Arteta to play his big guns in this fixture. The likes of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith-Rowe, who've played a ton of football lately, should be rested. Additionally, Kieran Tierney (who has just returned from injury), and Thomas Partey should not start either.

I'll undoubtedly get some flack for having such a belief, but those who disagree are two really sad things. First and foremost, they're wrong. Any opinion that's the opposite of mine is incorrect as this is the Finton's Frolic right opinion zone. Secondly, they're horribly deluded. There's no way we can beat City. Sorry.

All our eggs should be in the Walmart basket. That is the only way we can get Champions league football, and as I said, I'm tired of the place where one goes to "save money and live better." I want to shop at Whole Foods again. Even if we're so poor we can't afford a win, it'll be nice to be in and around the best again.

This was a really depressing way to give Finton's Frolics a return, but I'm just being honest, chiefs. While I doubt that Arteta shares the same belief, and I'm sure we'll see a strong side, I'm not sure how good of an idea that is in the long-run. City can be brutal side to play against as you're usually just chasing the ball around for 90 minutes, and then soon as you get it for the first time in a half an hour, you get rugby tackled.

Playing guys like Saka in such a useless match could be what completely ruins this season altogether. Without players like him and Smith-Rowe, we'll have ZERO chance instead of little hope to win the Walmart cup. We've got to know our lane for the time being, we're crap right now. I hope Arteta can recognize that too.


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