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Finton’s Frolic: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang brings more to the table than Alexis Sanchez ever did

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, pimps?

Welcome one and all to the 19th edition of the Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone. Today I will be discussing how Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has already shown that he is an overall better player than Alexis Sanchez ever was and how he brings more to the fold than the latter ever did. On the back of our gloriously controversial FA Cup win, I knew it had to be done. 

In the midst of celebrating our FA Cup triumph, I thought back to the signing of our tremendous #14 who bagged us an equally sensational 14th FA cup trophy. Aubameyang’s signing was a very strange one to say the least. Just before Arsenal landed him, we let Alexis go to our Premier league rivals, Manchester United. The move indicated what the Chilean prioritised in his career; money. It was reported that Alexis had a chance to join Manchester City, who that year were practically guaranteed the title even though it was just January.

Alexis apparently rebuffed the offer and his agent told the soon to be champions that United were offering more money. Pep Guardiola was completely turned off. If one looks at City’s impressive wage structure, almost all of the top players get paid around the same wages. Signing Alexis would discombobulate said structure and also add a moody player to the dressing room. So, Sanchez went to United and we got Henrikh Mkhitaryan in exchange, and well, both players failed horribly. 

The only thing Micki did for the club, apart from introducing an action figure of himself, was lure our current best player to the club. Auba was involved in a weird 3-way deal between Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, and Arsenal. At first glance this transfer merry go round of a deal looked like typical clickbait bullshit, but it actually came to be. Aubameyang left Dortmund for Arsenal, this alleviated the pain of the loss of Alexis, which I’m sure was the end game of the board to be honest; the gunners gave Giroud to Chelsea; and Chelsea loaned Michy Batshuayi to Dortmund. None of the aforementioned players failed in their moves but Auba certainly did the best out of the trio of transfers. 

Anyways, it’s fair to say that Auba, in just 2-years time (plus half a season) has been one of the best players of the Emirates era, in fact I would argue he has been the best, just pipping Alexis to the feat. 

Maybe it’s reactionary of me to hold such a belief, however I think the stats do the talking and debunk any sort of opposing claim. Of course, as everyone knows, Auba is the fastest Arsenal player to ever score 50 Premier league goals, reaching the landmark more quickly than any prior gooner. Furthermore, like Alexis, he is a big game player. There was this weird notion that Auba does not show up for big games before his two braces in quick succession in the Semi-Final and Final against City and then Chelsea. But the captain provided a ‘shut the fuck up’ of sorts with his individual brilliance quick firing us to the FA Cup title in which nobody thought that we had any chance of winning. 

That alone for me is the reason that Auba is a better player than Alexis ever was for the club. Say what you like about Arsene Wenger, he did overstay his tenure and thus did see us miss out on managers like Pep and Klopp, but there is no doubt he was still a great manager. The 22-year served Frenchman made sure we were always a good team on the attacking front so Alexis would always be able to showcase his attacking capabilities and as would every other attacker. 

Auba had to deal with Bruce Rioch reincarnated, a disaster of a manager, Unai Emery. Emery’s insufferably pragmatic style of play saw attacking players get minimal chances and service, but even with that, Auba still shined bright like a diamond during such dark times. Would Alexis have done the same, or just chucked his gloves down to the ground crying like a fucking baby?

The discrepancy in mentality is blatant. Many found Alexis’ shenanigans admirable because it showed ‘he cares’- but I don't subscribe to that narrative. The Chilean was not a team player like Auba is. It was always all about Alexis. With the now Inter registered winger at the club, if the players around him did poorly, it was said they were doing him a disservice. On the complete contrary, if players do not play up to scratch, nobody says Auba was poorly done by, by his teammates, it is said that the club were the sufferers. That is because Auba does not make it all about himself. When the team does poorly he doesn’t have a hissy fit and throw his toys out of the pram. Rather than screaming at his already wounded teammates and making them feel worse, he gets dejected with them. After the loss in Baku that we’ve just now gotten retribution for over a year later, he was the last man on the pitch sitting in the middle circle with a face of despair. 

It wasn’t a PR stunt either, it showed he just cares about the club deeply. This wasn’t an act like the ones Alexis would do where he was basically saying ‘look what I have to go through’, it was one of purity. After the final loss he, like all players and supporters alike, was devastated.

Auba has an incredible relationship with the fans. The connection which is present between him and us is like no other one I’ve ever seen. I know AFTV is controversial to say the least, but the fact that he took the time out of his day to talk to AFTV star, Troopz, right after winning a fucking cup final that he captained, scored 2 goals in and lifted the trophy after, shows that Gooners hold a place in his heart.

Auba is a better player and a better person than Alexis and he’s done more for the club than the latter ever did. So please, with all this being said, if you’re reading this Auba, sign da ting! You’re the avenue between the club and the fans, that just can’t go away. Alexis was a great player, however, none of this could ever be said about him. The man who ruined his career and reputation after leaving Arsenal was a great player and that’s it. Auba is far more. Quite simply put, the non-archetypal leader, but well-deserved captain is Arsenal personified. 

Alright ladies and gents that’s all from me this week, see you in the next one. Toodloo…!

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