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Finton's Frolic: It's Almost Like Arteta Knew Guendouzi Is Problematic

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, Pimps?

Welcome one and welcome all to the Finton's Frolic right opinion zone. Today, the plan was to write a piece regarding the Brighton match, hence the lateness once again, but what's the fun in covering a 0-0 draw? Instead, we're gonna talk about a divisive little character that fans either love or hate -- sort of like pickles -- you already know his name seeing as it's in the headlines, this headline and the cover photo. The pickled cucumber that is Matteo Guendouzi.

Recent reports have suggested Le cornichon is now falling out with his Marseille team mates. The man who's relationship soured with Arteta reportedly had a bust up with Marseille player Gerson during the sides defeat to Lens. He's a passionate Pimp, and us Arsenal fans are more than aware of that, but the youngster can also be a bit of a prick about things, apparently.

So while I have more than enough time and understanding for those asking about William Saliba and his constant loan moves, the same questions can't be asked about Guendouzi. He has talent. He has potential. But being likeable is huge in this world, and the 22-year-old is evidently far from that.

When he was initially ostracized by the manager I was one of the annoying keyboard warriors that took huge issue with it. I stated that some of the best players in the world are, or were notoriously difficult to get along with, referencing Ian Wright to back up my lofty claim. Myself, and many others angrily typed out in the confines of our locked down homes, "loads of world class players are like this, get with it, or get out of the way." However, something has now dawned on me, and hopefully those many other fan boys too.

In spite of me constantly waxing lyrical about the problematic Guendouzi, the loanee is not Wright (like the player, but in the head may be accurate too.)

He's not right because he doesn't know how to listen. He isn't right because he constantly gets into scuffles with his very own co-workers. And he ain't "Wright" as he's not world class. Maybe one day, but as things stand, he's not, so he has no right to act like Wright. You feel me, right?

Arteta seems to have dodged a pickle flavored bullet that may have shot holes into his topsy turvy boat. He chucked the deadly little lead capsule with a mind of its own overboard right after the amazing, yet ridiculous "Maupay choke," before it could release itself from his strict chamber against his will, doing damage that could have caused a heap of trouble even bigger than Guendouzi's hair.

Because of that foresight, it almost seems as if Arteta knows more than "Joe Shmo," or how ever you spell that fake name that apparently doesn't know very much. And that makes me wonder if the boss does actually know what he's doing when contentious decisions are made, even like the Saliba one, previously mentioned.

Point is, the still relatively new man in charge acts with decisiveness and conviction more often than not, and it looks as though the quick judgement that turned quickly to exile was the right move.

Let's allow the boss to make the decisions and hope that we can reap the rewards of them hopefully being the correct ones going into the future. In this instance, it seems like Gooners and Arteta won't have to gobble down a pickle flavored humble pie. Here's to never having to eat that nastiness.


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