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Finton's Frolic: "If you can't beat him, Beat him," Should Gooners be Concerned for Bukayo Saka?

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, Pimps?

Welcome one and welcome all to the Finton's Frolic right opinion zone. The place where all the questions that need to be answered are acknowledged by the self-proclaimed, world class journalist that is yours truly. In light of Bukayo Saka having the shit beat out of him once again against Olympiacos a few days ago, I figured such a topic must be covered. So, without further adieu, should Gooners be concerned about the, "if you can beat him, beat him," approach being taken by opposing sides?

Cop out answer time. Yes, and no. Yes because he's our most talented player at the moment. Saka is without a shadow of a doubt the most exciting player within the squad. Without the beacon of light that is he, everything would be drab. If Saka was to pick up an injury, all happiness would dissipate into oblivion. You are our SakaShine, Bukayo, we love you. On the contrary, no can be an answer to the afore asked inquiry as well. That's because despite his baby face, the glimmer of hope of a player is one tough, now New Balanced repped cookie.

Many other players on the receiving end of such mutilation match in and out would be dragged off in a whimpering heap. But this baby doesn't cry. This baby almost seems to relish hardships and beatings. I mean the guy signed for a brand that makes those horribly ugly dad shoes, and he plays for the ever-crap Arsenal, just recently signing a new deal. He's clearly up for a tussle and always seems as if he longing for a challenge. Also, he has no problem being the man with which defenders thirst for the blood of as well, and it doesn't faze him. So, when looking to Saka's sturdiness, the answer to the title's question appears to be a firm no. However, it is worth noting, the player is still human.

While many of us fans deem Saka the new baby Jesus (or whatever religion y'all follow, you do you), it's just not the case. He's just a guy. An awesome one, yeah. But he is still just a footballer.

Because of that, Mikel Arteta has to be careful with him. Saka is obviously one of the toughest players in the squad, but even a man as great as the 19-year-old has limitations. Eventually, the Hale End King has to be rested. He's playing a lot of football/Jiu Jitsu at the moment, and right now, his highlight reels are more reminiscent to a jack rabbit avoiding death by wild packs of coyotes, than a dude trying to play a sport. Defenders are growing aware of the fact that they cannot cope with Saka, physically in any capacity so they've just started trying to murder him.

I've been on both sides of the spectrum with the piece, but the all too undeniable truthful answer to the "should we be concerned," question is yes, to be honest. Saka could and should have a bright future ahead of him, but if he is not taken care of things can go really fucking wrong.

Some like my fellow Deputy Editor for the site Rob Worthington feel as though he should be taught the dark arts, like the ones Jack Grealish and Wilfried Zaha specialize in. That is a belief that I, too believe in. However, he should also be taken out of the firing line sometimes as well.

There is not another player at Arsenal that needs a rest more than Saka at the moment. And while he's our most important attacker, and one that we want to play every game, there's no use in having a Ferrari if you blow it up through overuse. The London-born saviour has to be taken care of better. While all of these beatings, and all the game time is great for growth, at some point, Arteta has to offer a father-like arm over the shoulder of protection through a rest from the MMA fights.

Anyways, that's my take. I'm not saying we need to stop playing Saka or anything, and I, for one hope he plays against Tottenham, but sooner than later the bubble wrap needs to come out. Otherwise, our valuable vase of greatness that is Saka will be shattered to a million pieces. And we really don't want that. Thanks for reading.


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