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Finton’s Frolic: “I can Change”

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, Pimps?

Welcome one and welcome all to the Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone. Today, we will be discussing KSE and the Kroenkes. Given the rumors linking Spotify founder Daniel Ek with Arsenal, it’s really no surprise that the current hierarchy is telling us in a roundabout way that, “I can change.”

Because of the ownership’s reluctance to speak, the plea comes in an inadvertent way. Noticed all the transfer rumors as of late? Sure, many and most are down to the fact that the window is opening soon, but it’s also quite curious that the caliber of players we’re being linked with are extremely high, far more so than usual.

Odds are, and as is usually the case with many and most clubs, the vast majority of players being linked won’t come. And then we’ll all proceed to complain, once again, about the owners neglecting the franchise *cough* I mean club.

Ek also stated that the controversial Americans said they “don’t need the money.” Maybe I’m overthinking, but to me, that is also pretty obvious trickery too. By saying they have no shortage of funds, surely knowing Ek would release a statement saying they said so, KSE May hope that supporters perceive the message in a certain way. One that leaves a fan under the impression that quality players, like the ones we’re being linked with, will come to the side.

After another sure to be miserable offseason, maybe the Swedish businessman will lose interest in the Reds of London — that’s what the Kroenkes will hope at least. Free ride. Again.

So, basically what I’m getting at is, don’t buy into the manipulation. I’m sure most won’t, but one whom has never experienced true love may not be privy to the fact that people don’t just change.

Like a sociopathic, money obsessed sugar baby, the Kroenkes merely collect their cash cows milk, and then go spend time with whoever, or whatever it is they actually love. They do so whilst sipping the fleeced finances from a golden chalice while their precious provider is left a little raisin.

I don’t think our greedy owners will let go of the jewel of their crown, cash cow, sugar daddy, or whatever you want to call it aside from Arsenal anytime soon. It’s unlikely that they care at all about the club, itself, but instead, only of the sweet milk the team produces. Get used to them, Pimps. They’re not going anywhere.

That’s really all I have to say for this week. I’ll spare you anymore of my atrocious prose by leaving you with this. Download Spotify and listen to tons of Arsenal related shows starting with The Arsenal Cannon Podcast. Maybe then, Ek will raise his bid to an irrefutable amount that will see the Kroenkes finally bid us, the Pimps, a


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