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Finton's Frolic: Cedric Soares- The Greatest signing in Arsenal History

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up pimps?

Welcome to the something or other edition of Finton’s Frolic. The blog of some American guy who lives in Florida but supports a London based team for no reason aside from the fact that he wants to; the ultimate nightmare of a “support ya local '' kind of person. In today’s piece I will be discussing why Cedric Soares is the greatest signing in Arsenal’s history.

Upon the Portuguese international's exhilarating arrival, I found myself writing a piece as to why the loan move was a sensible one. Despite the fact that he was set to be injured for the first few weeks, he would provide us with an abundance of Premier League experience in our relatively young side. After the loan, his contract with parent club Southampton would be up, giving the Gunners a chance to pounce and sign him on a free transfer when he inevitably impressed.

Cedric unsurprisingly has proved me right and done brilliantly. I would even go as far as saying that he has exceeded many people’s expectations.

Despite coming into a side who has struggled on the defensive side of the pitch this season, the gunners have not conceded a single goal with him in the starting eleven. The impressive right-back has added solidity to our gelatinous back line since coming to North London. Mikel Arteta is surely jubilant with his amazing output in the red and white and I’m positive Cedric’s unprecedentedly outstanding performances have convinced the boss that it would be wise to move forward with a permanent move.

Furthermore, Cedric’s presence on social media has been a true spectacle to behold. The amount of times he uses the phrase, “to be fair”, which is a predominantly English expression, accentuates his love for the country and moreover the Premier league. Also, his love, or portraying of it on Twitter, for his wife whom he has been spending his lockdown with is admirable.

Prior to writing this I saw a video of him and his partner in crime talking to a recording phone in front of a treadmill. Bold and brave moves like this one will win us titles in the future. Last, but certainly not least, his acknowledgment of medical professionals in a well-recorded home video shows that he is a caring kind of guy, or dare I say, lad.

Cedric is a caring family man, a rock solid defender and a mega presence on social media to be fair.

All in all, the soon to be former Southampton man has shown that he will be the next Lee Dixon or maybe Lauren for the club. With players like him, repeated invincibility is inevitable.

That is all folks. Thank you for reading Finton’s Frolic. I would like to end things today by saying that a statue of Cedric should be built at the Emirates stadium. Remember to wash your hands and stay inside. Anyway, until next week, I bid all thee a firm yet supple Toodloo.!

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