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Finton’s Frolic: Caution- Do not read this if you can’t stand “XhakaGanda”

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, pimps?  Welcome one and all to the 17th edition of the Finton’s Frolic, right opinion zone. Well today, it’s more like the Finton’s Frolic, proud propaganda deliverer, but nonetheless, the previously mentioned zonal description still applies as well. Welcome to the Finton’s Frolic, proud propaganda delivering, right opinion zone, aka the single greatest blog on the internet to ever exist. Anyways, let’s get into the propaganda. Also, stop reading if you do not like Granit Xhaka, I already have your view and that's what this is all about, the money. Question: Is there a more divisive figure at Arsenal than Xhaka? The simple and easy answer is no. Despite the fact that the Swiss midfielder very obviously solidifies our midfield and gives us an element of control, an abundance of gooners absolutely hate Xhaka. Yes, I said hate. Seeing as I’m a writer, it’s fair to say that I am more careful with my words than others, but when I say the word ‘hate’ in regards to how many supporters feel about the man, there is no exaggeration. An abundance of Arsenal fans just cannot stand him and resent everything he does, blindly. Their agendas cloud their judgement's and that prevents them from seeing what Xhaka brings to the table.  After suffering a knock to Manchester City in the June 17th romp where Pep pipped his pupil 3-0, Xhaka was out against Brighton where we also lost. We did so less comprehensively, but more embarrassingly. The gunners were handed a 2-1 loss from the then relegation battling Brighton, who admittedly won in a controversial manner, but that being said, a loss is still a loss for us and vice versa for them.

Post Brighton Xhaka returns and boom. Southampton was on the cards, away from home, a place we never do well. We won.  In Xhaka’s absence, we endured two losses in two games, with him being back in action we’ve won six, drawn one to Leicester, and depressingly lost the North London derby (which was not fault of his). Xhaka also scored in the 4-0 thrashing of now relegated Norwich from inside the box. A rare sight to say the least. The simple fact is Xhaka is the most important player in our midfield. He adds a solidity that we severely lack when he is not the pitch. The 6’1 pass master, who is deemed as a natural leader by many who he’s worked closely with, has been strongly favoured by every Arsenal manager he has played under and I’m sure there is a reason for it. On the pitch he provides a balance, given his left footedness and also a “granite-solid” foundation in the midfield as well. Furthermore, his expansive passing along with his ability to maintain possession is pivotal in a double pivot system. It helps the team build attacks from deep areas. So, all in all, Xhaka is the greatest player to ever play for Arsenal. The jaw line, the tattoos, the presence and especially the redemption story he has had under Arteta are all marvelous, after having a disagreement with the fans and throwing his arms around in frustration telling jeering supporters to, “Fuck off”, and then throwing the armband to the ground, everyone thought it was over. He also refused to apologise because he said he was taking out his anger on those taking abuse too far on social media. A move to Hertha looked likely, even upon the arrival of Arteta, but the former Manchester City number two gave him another chance and it is paying off.

I respect that attitude from Xhaka though in all honesty, we need stubborn bastards like him in the team. And it just so happens that this utter jerk is also quite good at football and suits Arteta’s system perfectly. So say what you like about him, but he is a damn good footballer and his attitude helps him to showcase his skills week in and week out. He plays more than any other player in the team given his remarkable engine as well. So accept Xhaka, he ain't dipping out of North London anytime soon. As Pique once so famously said about Neymar after he left for PSG, "Se queda" (he stays). That’ll do for this week, if you hate Xhaka, get used to the sight of him, he’s not going anywhere. Sorry in advance, but there will actually be two Finton’s Frolics this week, last week I gave you all a break, but now you have to suffer my wrath twice in the span of seven days. The cliche is untrue, lightning does strike twice. Prepare for the shit storm folks, see you in just a few days.  Toodloo…!

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