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Finton’s Frolic: Arsenal v Villa — The Most Vague Post Match Report Ever

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, Pimps?

Welcome one and welcome all to the Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone. Today, which is the Friday before, I’m gonna write about Arsenal’s recent result against Aston Villa. And seeing as the match hasn’t happened yet, I’ll keep it as vague as humanly possible. I’m not a psychic that’s predicting the future, just an idiot. #Content, am I right? I hate me too. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

In this match the xG and all that other stuff really tell you all you need to know about the pattern of the display and why the team that’s happier with the result managed to secure the amount of points that they did. With Arsenal’s managed x stats and Villa’s, there’s no wonder the result ended up such a way.

The “hidden stats” that those nerds refer to all the time were always going to be vital in a match like this one. And the players on the side that start with an A were the difference maker in getting their side a positive result based off of their current needs this campaign. They really did well to get those match winning underlying metrics.

Furthermore they looked hungry and like they wanted to get that amount of points they got for their team. They showed passion and desire, more than their opposition, and that’s what it’s all about. Just ask literally every English pundit.

With the international break on the horizon and Arsenal’s next match in the Premier League not being until April 4, today’s result was … crazy man.

Certain sequences and instances from the superior team were the difference. Now the match is over, so what’s next for Arsenal?

They have to win against Palace upon their return from the inter lull. It’s vital in the chase for the coveted Champions League spot.

If Arsenal get back into the prestigious competition it could really be what helps this side get back to where we want it to be. Money being injected into this already promising unit, could MAGA (make Arsenal great again). Dare someone to get that hat. Imagine all the initial dirty looks until they see it says Arsenal.

Hemingwayyyys, to draw it back to the Villa match to end this piece today; if the Saturday result against Jack Grealish’s former stomping grounds taught us anything, it’s that he’s not there any more, Arteta is gorgeous, and stuff that happens in any game can be a real … uh … doozy.


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