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Finton's Frolic: Arsenal should try to Poach Mesut Ozil's PR staff to improve awful Communications

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, pimps?

Welcome one and all to the 20th edition of the Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone. Today I will be discussing the atrocious lack of communication skills the Arsenal board have and why they may be well advised in trying to poach Mesut Ozil’s incredible PR staff from under him to see said atrocity improved.

One of our fantastic writers for the site, Vinay Shankar, suggested I write this piece so before I get into anything I’d like to do one of those pointy things forwards do to whomever set up their goal for them.

The concept that Vinay brought to light to me was actually quite hilarious but got me thinking of a more serious and pressing matter. Is there actually a really big issue with communications at Arsenal? I think so.

Now, the title was incredibly tongue in cheek and I don't want anything to do with Ozil's insufferable PR team, so yeah, I'm not gonna talk about them again if that's what you're here for.

In regards to communication though, just to use one example, when Willian was announced, the board surely knew that he was and remains a relatively controversial signing. While I’ll back him and most Arsenal fans will, I have no problem admitting that I still do not see the logic behind signing him for the club given our financial situation.

Despite this, the club’s social media absolutely refused to shut the fuck up about the signing. Out of the past 15 posts for Arsenal at the time of writing this, 13 have been related to the signing of a 32-year-old winger. The cringey and blatant lack of self-awareness is pretty incredible. Just two or three posts would have sufficed.

Of course, it's worth noting that if the news in and around the club is all well and good then it doesn’t really matter how poorly the club’s communications staff do their jobs. However, seeing as we’re Arsenal and nothing is ever allowed to be completely happy go lucky, the club should invest in a new staff that knows how to make shit smell like Febreze.

Arsenal are very obviously trying to bridge the divide between supporters and the hierarchy but are doing a miserable job of doing so. Announcing that 55 redundancies are being made to announce a 32-year-old winger who will be earning more than all of the now redundant employees combined in just 25-weeks epitomizes everything that is wrong with the club at the moment. They were trying to do the right thing in letting supporters know what they did, but did so after doing a horrible wrong thing. That's not how the world works. If you kill somebody and confess, you're not pardoned for your transparency, you still go to prison.

Raul and Vinay (not our Vinay, he would’ve communicated this better) came out with a statement saying that Arsenal made the 55 staff redundant in order to improve funds and invest in the team. Recently, however, a source claimed that the collective yearly wage of the now downsized staff was only £2.5 million.

Before bonuses, Willian will earn around £15,600,000 throughout his 3-year deal at the club. of course, this is no fault of the player but instead, the buffoons who bought him.

So not only are the board terrible at communicating, but when they do, they lie. So make of that what you will.

All in all, times are bleak at Arsenal up above as they have been for years. With fresh news literally circulating whilst I was writing this that Raul has been sacked, I wonder how the club will announce the former Barcelona man’s departure. Will there be 13 tweets about that too? Incredible that Arsenal have sacked the head of football in the middle of a transfer window. That pretty much sums it all up.


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