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Finton’s Frolic: A Trophy Or Top Four?

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, Pimps?

Welcome one and welcome all to the Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone. I’m gonna keep it short today as it’s my last piece before I go on Holiday for a few days. I won’t be reachable on socials or anything like that as I’m deleting them all from my phone for the time being. Highly recommend detoxing from time to time as that shit is poisonous. Anyways, Arsenal.

There’s a pretty jam packed schedule on the horizon. The side will have at least one more bout in the Carabao, and then FA Cup too along with its typical Premier League fixture list that also has the previously postponed Wolves match shoehorned in.

So the question that leads to that in the headline is: do Arsenal have what it takes to get positive results in all of the competitions aforementioned?

We don’t have Europe to contend with, so that’s a plus, but this very young team could still potentially be susceptible to fatigue. That’s my worry. Are we in a position where we have to sort of choose between top four or a trophy? You can tell I'm already fully checked out and bar hopping in Saint Augustine, can't you, Pimps? Everyone can suffer from tiredness, but y'all know what I mean.

If Arteta feels as though he has to choose, it would surely have to be on the Premier League. If he managed top four it would open doors too heavy for Champions League-less money to. Such a finish could help take us take us to the next level in an expedited fashion, as we’re obviously taking full advantage of surrounding teams’ even more hectic calendars.

Winning a Carabao or even FA cup would feel great, however it wouldn’t completely change everything. I’m confident the board would spend liberally and aggressively if we were to qualify for the big one — seeing as they’d be desperate to stay in the prestigious, cash filled comp. Winning one of the other “side dishes” wouldn’t actually change anything. Bet Tottenham fans wish they could say that. They'd kill for an International Champions Cup trophy.

There’s a real "us against the world" mentality at the moment, and who knows, maybe that will provide enough energy through defiance for us to put out performances in each competition. But I have my doubts. Babies get tired and need naps.

Regardless, things are good at the moment and I’m not trying to be negative or think all pessimistically. But just some food for thought — for y’all, the Pimps, that is. I’m going on vacation now. The only food I’ll be thinking of is Key Lime Pie and booze. I know the latter isn’t actually sustenance by the way, the first really shouldn’t be considered food either to be honest. But they will be for me. Time to wipe 10 years off my life span. Hope Arsenal don’t do the same for you. (I shouldn’t cap, I’m totally watching the matches, and will ruin plans with my family.)


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