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Finton’s Frolic: 2019/20 is a write off for Arsenal but the NLD is still a must win

By Daniel Finton (Deputy Editor)

What up, pimps?

Welcome one and all to the 16th edition of the Finton’s Frolic right opinion zone. Today I will be discussing how despite the fact that the 2019/20 season is a write off for the gunners, as ever, the North London derby is an absolute must win.

Arsenal have had an absolutely horrid season. The gunners playing under the jurisdiction of three different managers, suffering 14 draws and conceding 42 goals in just 34 games is indicative of that. However, the rancid, noisy but not so successful neighbours down the road have still managed a worse season than us. The washed up Jose Mourinho sees his side in 9th, one-point behind Arsenal. The man who is supposedly one of the best defensive coaches in the world has seen his side let in 44 goals in 34 games. It's vomit inducing that we were reportedly interested in the man with lopsided man tits.

So, there are two reasons in which the NLD is still an absolute must win for both sides. Of course, the main one being bragging rights. As an Arsenal fan, there is practically no worse feeling on this earth than losing to the club whose badge is a cock on a beach ball. When we lose to them it hurts for days after, and when a victory is achieved, the euphoric feeling for the coming days after is more prominent than the happiness provided by anything else. You should have seen me after the recent 4-2 win. I was even more unbearable than usual and happier than I think I've ever been as an Arsenal fan, aside from title wins. The other reason is actually down to table positioning. Not only do I want St. Totteringham's day back, but also there is still a good present chance of Europa league football next season. And apparently the financial implications of no European football whatsoever are pretty dire.

Tomorrow is when the fixture will be taking place in Tottenham’s new ground. There will be no supporters but I’m sure the intensity in the game will still be there. Despite the rivalry not being as fruitful as it once was, the hatred between the pair remains equally hot to the touch. There is no doubt whatsoever that the NLD is the most bitter strife in the entire Premier league. And after the Old firm derby, it is the second most heated one in the entirety of the UK, ranking itself amongst world football’s most bitter rivalries.

Like the chief editor, Alfie was saying in his preview for the game, the future looks bright for Arsenal under our progressive manager, whereas the future looks ever-typically-bleak for Mourinho and Spurs. However, the future is then, and this game is now, we have to win this game and if we do not I will cry. I will cry hard. I will weep and sob really fucking hard.

Alright, well that is all for this week's instalment, folks. I have had a relatively laid back week compared to most in terms of writing because my horrendous, conventional job is beating the shit out of me, so apologies if you for some reason await my mediocre penmanship. Next week I’ll be more active so do not fret. Let’s fucking beat Tottenham though, I really do not like them. On the most recent, 49th edition of the pod, Rob Worthington, Alfie, and I were talking about making the 50th episode a special of sorts given it's “landmark-ness”, but if we lose to the cornish hen down the road, we won't be as we’ll all be depressed. Anyways, that's enough, pray to whatever God you believe in, or one you don’t for an Arsenal dub. Toodloo…!

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