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Appreciating the Artistry of Mesut Ozil: The German's best Arsenal passes

By Alfie Cairns Culshaw (Chief Editor)

It's been almost three days since Mesut Ozil's illustrious seven year stay at Arsenal football club officially came to an end. Whilst the nature of the departure was clouded by the regretful contractual situation the club and player found themselves engulfed in, what cannot be reflected on negatively is some of the beautiful footballing moments Ozil produced in a red and white shirt.

Known for his eye of the needle, exquisite through balls, Ozil was a generational playmaker. His vision, incision and intuition in his passing in forward areas is what generated such hype and praise over his mesmerising technical ability. Seeing as we have no other piece scheduled for today on the site, I thought I'd relay the thread we produced on our twitter in an article format, celebrating the genius behind some of Mesut Ozil's best passes for Arsenal.

Pass for Kolasinac vs Burnley (2018)

Not many others in world football could spot this pass, let alone execute it perfectly. The easy pass would've been to lay off Aubameyang, but with his exquisite vision, he superbly picks out the run of Kolasinac with a delightfully curved and weighted through ball. Phenomenal.

Pass for Bellerin vs Leicester (2018)

The run from Bellerin presents the opportunity to unlock Leicester's low block but the ability to pull it off perfectly and weight it perfectly for Bellerin to not halt his stride and simply slide it across for an Auba tap in is immaculate.

Pass for Aubameyang vs Leicester (2018)

One of the greatest team goals of all time was completed by an insanely underrated final pass from Ozil. Most would've been intimidated by the onrushing Schmeichel and tapped it right at him, but Ozil had the presence of mind to find Aubameyang in a better position with a sublime touch.

Pass for Gibbs vs Basel (2016)

Another underrated pass. After a beautiful give and go with Alexis, Ozil sees the defence splitting pass to Gibbs and manages to whip the ball into his stride with a pin point pass, opening up the Basel defence.

Pass for Iwobi vs Basel (2016)

"Of course Ozil found him".

It may look like a relatively simple square ball, but he doesn't look up once, making it so much more impressive. He has the awareness to sense where the space will be, where Iwobi will move and somehow is able to scoop it to him for a tap in.

Pass for Walcott vs Bournemouth (2015)

Possibly my favourite this one. These sorts of eye of the needle, angular passes are so satisfying. On a stop motion bird's eye view we might be able to spot it but at pitch level in a game it's truly remarkable. Who even attempts that pass? It deserved a better touch and finish.

Pass for Sanchez vs Norwich (2016)

The sheer audacity to attempt this pass let alone the technique to pull it off is exceptional. Shame Sanchez didn't make the most of it.

Pass for Monreal vs Swansea (2018)

Another Brilliant pick out. Monreal isn't even in the picture, yet Ozil is able to deliver the pass on a six pence to the left-back. He floats it in immaculately and enables Monreal to just prod it in with any sort of connection doing.

Pass for Flamini vs Cardiff (2013)

Another very underrated assist that hasn't been mentioned all that often amongst his best. Spotting the run of Flamini isn't hard. Most would use this run as a decoy and cut inside, but Ozil has the ability to slide it through perfectly right into Flamini's stride.

Pass for Aubameyang vs Stoke (2018)

Another perfectly weighted pass into the space for Auba to run into. An incredibly difficult ball to pull off and to this level of perfection not many could do so. Shame we didn't see more of this partnership in their respective primes. Could've been lethal.

Pass for Walcott vs Bournemouth (2015)

Slightly different one this but impressive because of this difference. Spotting this pass and finding the accuracy in executing it whilst on the run is truly exceptional. Another one Theo should've buried and another potential assist to beat the record in 15/16 gone.

Pass for Lacazette vs Everton (2017)

This sort of nonchalant touch into a forward's path became synonymous with Ozil and his playmaking. This is one example, and possibly one of the best. On the run and with his body at an awkward angle, he beautifully cushions the ball into Laca's path.

Pass for Ramsey vs Swansea (2017)

Here's another example of this aforementioned technique.

Pass for Walcott vs Bournemouth (2015)

A third exquisite pass to Walcott in the same game in this thread. This one a very different type, and one he often was able to pull off in the transition. When on the left hand side he was much better at pulling off these sorts of balls from deeper than crosses at the byline.

Pass for Walcott vs Barcelona (2016)

Another sublimely weighted pass into the path of Walcott, who's excellent off the ball movement enabled Ozil to have the opportunity to pull off some of these excellent balls over the years.

Pass for Welbeck vs Sunderland (2017)

Not exactly an eye of the needle pass to split open a compact defence but the execution is underrated. It needs the initial pace on it to find Welbeck's stride, but the backspin on it to prevent it from then rolling into the keeper's path or running out of play is mesmeric

Pass for Giroud vs Everton (2015)

One of the most delicious Ozil assists for Arsenal. The spotting of the Giroud run and then the accuracy and pace of the delivery means all the Frenchman has to do is guide it on with a brush of the head.

This is merely a handful of Ozil's best passes for the Arsenal, there's plenty more that could easily have been included in this piece.

As I said in the intro, this was just a quick little article thrown together based off the twitter thread we made a few days ago. You can find us on twitter @wlyablog. Cheers.

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