The Arsenal Cannon Podcast

Embark on an audible adventure hosted by Daniel Finton, Alfie Culshaw and Rob Worthington as they delve into all things Arsenal (almost) every week. A comedically inventive podcast with sensational analysis on the club- imagine not pressing that play button and listening to these titans of the Football Media industry talk shit about the Arsenal. 

Daniel Finton

Another self-loathing prick and aspiring Sports Writer, born and raised in the shithole (his own words) that is Florida. Fell in love with Arsenal after seeing WengerBall for the first time in 2010, and hasn’t looked back since, going onto write for Pain in the Arsenal and creating his own podcast ‘The Arsenal Cannon Podcast’, which has been recently been described as “beyond phenomenal”. Increasingly obsessed with the words ‘diminish’ and ‘despondent’, which you’ll see him try and put into every sentence of his writing. 

Alfie Culshaw

A self-loathing prick and aspiring Sports Writer, born and raised in North London, has dreamt of covering Arsenal to a mediocre level all his life. Co-holder of an Emirates season ticket for 12 years, and thus a regular attendee in the North Bank. Also, (occasionally) seen on YouTube making dire and inconsistent content on football. Fan of beer, burritos and Emile Smith-Rowe. Not a fan of Mourinho. 

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